Copy machines are sensitive creatures

Also use a dry dust-catching cloth to wipe down your copy machines to remove any excess dirt. Use the right paper stock. Pull the paper out in the opposite direction, not the direction it was trying to travel in. This will enable it to flow more easily. In fact, they’re guaranteed to take their bad mood out on you’and your photocopy job. Clean the copy machine..

Copy machines are sensitive creatures. Store and change the toner cartridges.

3. Don’t be tempted to skimp on paper costs; make sure you always use high-quality photocopy or printing paper in your copy machines.

To help minimize photocopier tantrums, here are five tips for keeping your copy machines happy and functioning well. Turn your copy machines off, and using a can of compressed air, blow away dirt from the paper trays, the copier’s function buttons and glass plate. Remove paper jams. Thin, cheap paper can break easily and leave a literal paper trail inside your machine.

4. They’re just copy machines, yes, but when they pull these kinds of stunts when you need to copy agendas for a meeting in five minutes, or your boss needs a copy of that report NOW, copy machines can be your worst nightmare. Before you install a new toner cartridge into your copy machines, shake the cartridge to loosen the toner. Check the machine for any paper fragments before you close the doors; XW50 Packing Tensioner 13-50mm Manual Soft Plastic Polyester Cord Strapping Tool Exporters it’s best to flush out the problem completely. Try to give your copy machines a good clean every week or so to stop any build up of dirt, dust and other grime, which can affect the quality of your copies. If you have an older machine, consider turning it off at the end of the day, or at least at the end of the week, to reduce the incidence of any preventable tantrums and help the environment. Always buy toner cartridges that are compatible with and manufactured by the maker of your copy machines. When you’re stuck with one, pull the paper very slowly from the jammed tray to try to prevent bits of paper getting stuck in your copy machines. Yes, those dreaded paper jams. Make sure you always keep your paper stock safely stored in a cool, dry place; exposing it to extreme temperatures, or just letting it sit out in the paper tray over the weekend, can cause it to collect moisture, soften and warp ‘ and copy machines don’t like warped paper!

2. Always store your toner cartridges in a cool, dark, dry place in their original packaging to maximize their storage life. If they’re not handled right, or they just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, they’re not afraid to show that they’re not happy. On or off? Most new copy machines have energy-saving features, so that you don’t have to worry about turning the machine on and off every day; it will go to sleep automatically.

5. We’re talking flashing lights, beeping, scrunched up paper, lost original documents, and wasted letterhead.